Online Education, Site Design,
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Part 2

Welcome back to your Online Education, Site Design, and Layout web response classroom! This is Part 2. If you have not read Part 1, please click and start from the beginning of your free classes online.

This page is part two of my response to a visitor's comments and review of the educational information available inside my free or low cost distance courses: "I like the online school plan you've got here, but your look and feel leaves a lot to be desired. Here is my review of EducateZap. I think the …"

Keep learning page-by-page, day-by-day...never give up...
( continued from Part 1 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): So, right now…today…this web site…is just a baby…a new born baby.

  • It’s my new baby…so, yes I think EducateZap looks amazing and is the best looking web site on the internet (smile)!

If EducateZap was not my web site, I would have to agree with you on a few of the points you made in the comments you submitted (smile).

I am warmly asking all web site visitors to please be very patient.

  • Changes and additions are coming soon.
  • It is going to take some time, but this web site will grow and grow.
  • One day, we will all look back and be amazed that it all started from a plain and ordinary web site with very few colors.

Will my web site always be one dimensional and bland? No. There are plans to upgrade to a more beautiful design that is pleasing to the eyes.

  • Will infographics be used?
  • Yes. There will be infographics!

Free or low cost online education? How does it work? In the next few weeks (November 2013 – January 2014), you will see my first few part-time courses from my online film-school (movie making).

After going through one of the courses, you will see exactly how everything works. In addition, you will be able to ask questions and get answers (any skeptics will be able to ask as many questions as they wish).

  • The best part about my school is you will be able to do all of this when it fits your schedule.
  • You should explore my style of courses online!

You mentioned my site has lots and lots of text. Most babies are chubby (or fat) during their first and second year in the real world? Yes or no? So, yes…today there are a lot of areas that probably have a little bit too much information (baby fat).

  • As more and more courses and school information are added, you can look forward to a little bit less text.

At the end of the day, I am with you 100%. The design will be cleaned up. As my online school grows, it will be improved so that a small child could understand most of the basics.

Learning and growing are ongoing processes...

Thank you very much for your great comments and review of I appreciate your time and attention to those important details that can make a student's learning experience better at EducateZap!

  • It takes an internet village to raise a baby web site!
  • Click here to register and enroll in my online classes free.

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