Online Education Site Design and Layout

by Tablet
(Houston, Texas USA)

I like the online education idea you've got here, but your design leaves a lot to be desired. Here is my Review.

In my opinion, the web site looks one dimensional and bland. Maybe add a large brightly colored infographic to the front page, explaining how it works.

People might be skeptical if something they aren't used to getting for free is suddenly free, they want to know how it works.

Also the information is a little bit wall of text. I'd suggest editing it down, and making it a little easier to parse.

  • The colors are incredibly boring, and the design looks about 10 years old. I'd add a lot more color to the site, change the font, and completely redo the entire layout.
  • The premise behind the site seems awesome, and I'd love to see something like this get off the ground, but I think it is going to need to be a lot more user friendly first.
  • Perhaps find a stupid friend, and ask them to navigate the site? The easier it is to use, the more users you will have.

Blue is a good color, as is red. Primary colors catch your attention and your eye. I'd go with more primary colors.

So, in short, clean up the design, and tell people like they're five how it works, and I think you'll have a nice site here.

Kevin’s Answer: Thank you for providing a review of The online education web site you see currently (July 2013) was only born (created) a few months ago.

  • In other words, my version of a free or low cost online school is only a tiny, little baby…an infant at the moment.

How do most babies look when they are only days old? Weeks old? Months old? A few years old? If it is your baby…your son or daughter, you and your significant other would truly believe your new born baby is the most beautiful baby in the world. Yes or no?

  • I am just like you. I want to see everything up and running…bright and shiny…with all of my questions answered instantly.
  • I agree with you, but when an idea is created from nothing and you look around and you are the only one standing there with no help…you must get busy doing what you can with your own hands and brain.

The web site you see today has not even started to crawl yet and like most babies it has to crawl before it walks (smile). (my comments continue on the next page)

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