Online Film School: Sending My Script to the Best Producers

by Brittany Hailey
(Baltimore, Maryland USA)

Question: I am writing an amazing screenplay. I want to send it to the famous Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert. What are the chances of them liking it? I have all the info to send it. I have to write a letter and send it to them to see if they like it enough to want to read the whole script.

Kevin's Answer: Hi Brittany! Congratulations on writing an amazing screenplay. I am so excited for you! After your screenplay is done, you are planning to send it to the famous Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert. Great idea!!

What are the chances that famous playwrights or famous film and TV producers will like your screenplay? In my opinion, I really believe you have a good chance. You have to try and never, ever stop trying to get the right people to read your screenplay.

In my opinion, you never know when a producer will have an open-mind towards new screenplays from new screenwriters. The only thing you can do is make sure your screenplay is the best it can be.

In addition… Whenever you have free time, you should always re-read your script and search for any weaknesses. If your film script does not have any weaknesses, that is awesome! You should continue searching for and contacting well-known producers.

Here are a few tips that you may find helpful during your education online journey…

  1. You should protect your screenplay and all of your hard work by registering your screenplay with the Writers Guild of America (opens in a new window).
  2. If a film or TV producer does not like your screenplay, you should quickly move-on and try a different producer.
  3. If you are going to contact the same producer again, wait at least 4 – 6 months and make sure you have improved your screenplay (if needed).
  4. You should have a log-line for your screenplay. If you are not sure if you have a log-line already, please feel free to review one of my favorite online classes free: Pitch A Movie Idea - Part 2 and Part 1.
  5. Do you need a list of more producers and production companies? In my education course online Who Buys Movie Ideas, I explain where to find over 4,000 producers and production companies.
Hopefully these e-learning tips help you and film school students along the way. Please feel free to add more to this free online school and Internet classroom!

Brittany, I wish you the best and I am looking forward to seeing all of your hard work on-screen in movie theaters or on television.

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