Online Film School I
Part 1-A

Welcome to my Online Film School at

This is Part 1-A and it is one of the best, free or low cost ways to learn the basics of movie making, launch an exciting new career path, and start a new life.

Are you ready to learn how to make a movie?

The time to start is now!

We are going to jump right in and get started fast and easy.

"Soon you will be filming! Here we go..."

Online Film Academy

Online Film School - You can learn on the go.

"learning at internet film school while using laptop at the beach"
Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

The secret to learning film making at my film academy is to make your own movie. I am going to show you how to make your own movie! You are going to receive schooling over the Internet on your computer.

How To Make Your Own Movie

I am going to show you how fun and easy it is to make your movie by studying one of my films. You are going to learn step-by-step exactly how I created my film, Royal Love Story From The Grave.

  • The first thing you will do is visit my film school information web page. Everyone starts here. You can get more details about the film we will be studying on this page.
  • START HERE! This is you very first homework assignment. Visit and read my film school information (opens in a new window) and then return here to my online line film school.

After studying my psychological horror flick, Royal Love Story From The Grave, you will begin to make your own film by using my film as an example. You will also use all of my film courses in Part 1 and Part 2. This is your introduction to the world of cinema…the silver screen.

Online Film Departments

I have divided my online film-school into many different and smaller film school sections or film departments.

Each of my smaller, cyber film institutes has a different name. Each small academy only focuses on one of the five different stages of the film making process AND a small part of my film.

Here are my smaller film institutes followed by a very short course description. The film departments listed below are all part of my family.

The Online Film School at

Film Development 101

Top Film School

  • The Top Film School teaches you the online course Film Development 101-A. This online school instructs you how to write the script, the title page, the shooting script, and Scenes 1 – 7.

You have a strong educational character...
your schooling continues on the next page...

You have reached the end of Online Film School - Part 1-A.

In all of the part-time courses on this page and in Part 1-B, you will follow my examples as you screen-write, direct, edit, and distribute your own movie.

It is your time to shine! Click to continue along to Part 1-B and show your educational strength and courage...

Part 1A - Part 1B

› Online Film School I - Part 1-A

"Thanks for exploring your internet school for film making!"

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