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This is Part 2 of my style of low cost and free, online distance learning.

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Olivia's California relatives always asked her, "So, Olivia, are you continuing your education? When are you going back to school?" They always told her, "If you get more educated, you will discover more employment opportunities, higher hourly rates, and higher salaries."

Those words of wisdom stuck with Olivia. Olivia decided to go after her awesome dream by first getting more educated. What school would Olivia attend?

Over the last few years, Olivia heard more and more about online free learning and online learning conferences. She decided to go online to look into it more deeply.

  • Olivia discovered she could easily use online free education to realize her dream job.
  • She would not have to leave her part-time job or drive anywhere to go to school.
  • Olivia learned she could take free classes online whenever she wanted.

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After her free distance education was complete and she gained advanced skills, Olivia discovered it was possible to find a higher-paying job in Los Angeles in one of those skyscraper office buildings.

The best part was Olivia could be close to Hollywood, California where she could possibly see those celebrities she reads about on her favorite celebrity gossip web sites.

  • What is my ZAP! from™ ? Online free learning can lead you to higher-paying jobs in exciting locations. You never know what doors will open for you when you make a decision to learn something new.

Free Classes Online and New Relationships

Free Classes Online and new relationships? So, what could possibly happen to you if you add free classes online to your normal life? Here is what happened to someone named Henry!

Henry was working full-time at a grocery store and never knew low cost online learning existed. On the weekends, Henry was an artist. In his free time, he loved to hand-paint portraits of friends and family

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One day Henry painted a picture of one of his co-workers. The co-worker loved the painting. The next day Henry decided to ask the co-worker out on date for dinner and a movie. Henry's co-worker said no and rejected him.

As Henry worked with his co-worker each day after the rejection, their working relationship got worse and worse.

  • Henry was stuck.
  • He had to do something.
  • He needed a change.
  • He needed to focus on something different.

Henry's love life and his work life were going in the wrong direction. While playing on the computer after work one day, Henry came across a web site offering free classes online.

You will never guess what happened to Henry after he began taking a few free classes online. Rejection caused Henry to learn something new and that caused him find a new significant other. This online free learning stuff is amazing...isn't it?!

Do you want to discover exactly what happened to Henry during his adventure to free classes online? Click here!

Learn For Free and Stay Out Of Trouble

Bill was in the 12th grade and about to graduate or get kicked out of his high school. He was the bad kid in school.

Bill was always in trouble for fighting, showing up late, or just anything and everything that was related to trouble. His nickname was Bad Bill.

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