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Welcome back to Online Free Learning! This page is Part 3 and the final section of my guided learning discussion about low cost and free education by computer.

If you have not started at the beginning of my home learning article, please visit and read Part 1.

In Part 2, I was nearing the end of a story about a student named Bill. His story continues here...

Please follow this educational journey...

Bad Bill rode the city bus to school. Yes, you guessed it. On the mornings Bad Bill decided to actually go to school, he took pleasure in disturbing the passengers that rode the city bus.

One morning while riding the city bus, Bad Bill decided to bully an 80-year old woman. In the middle of Bill's stupidity and bullying, Bill overheard another passenger speaking to someone.

  • The passenger said, "I know the future. I can tell the future. I can see the future."

Bad Bill stopped bullying the woman and walked towards the man that could see the future. The man was holding a stuffed animal. Not a toy stuffed animal, but a real stuffed fox. Bill said to the fortune-teller, "What is that?!"

The man said, "I am a taxidermist. I stuff and mount real animals. This is a fox. It's..." Bill laughed, "You can tell the future AND your a taxidermist? What! Give me a break! You dummy!"

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The taxidermist asked, "Do you know why you do what you do? Why you always find trouble?" Bill said, "Huh?" The fortune-teller/taxidermist continued, "Most people that act like you are really super intelligent."

"You are so smart that your are bored and annoyed by the simple and easy things in life. Your brain is in search of challenges. Early in your life your search for challenges were in the wrong places and your actions were taken as stupidity."

Bad Bill did not say one word. He just stared at the taxidermist as he kept on talking.

"Over time maybe you began to believe you were not smart. Believe it or not you simply suffered from boredom when your brain was searching for challenges and could not find any." the fortune teller said.

As the bus got closer to Bad Bill's school, Bill walked towards the bus doors while watching the taxidermist speak his interesting words.

  • "Go online. Find an online school where you can learn for free.
  • Learn at your own speed. Most likely your speed is faster than the learning speed of everyone else around you.
  • You are brilliant. You are super smart. You just don't know it yet," explained the fortune teller/taxidermist.

So, what do you think happened to Bad Bill after his unusual bus ride? Do you think Bill got his education by computer?

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What is my ZAP! from™? Challenges can bring out the best in us, but we probably should have challenges in the correct areas of life.

  • I really enjoy creating online free learning because of its ability to challenge you at the right time in your life. This is your web school and you decide what time to start and finish.
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My low cost and free distributed learning offers you the flexibility of learning very, very slow this month and super, super fast next month.

The choice for online classes free is yours. Change your life with education when you want with wisdom by web!

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