Online School Review
Part 3

Welcome back to your Online School Review of EducateZap.

This is Part 3 of…Is this cyber school for you?

Yes…there is free schooling for you at this academy, but what are the other good reasons to take distance courses free at my school?

Your Review?

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The Top 23 Good Reasons
to Attend EducateZap - Online School
Part 3

5. You Wish to Be Comfortable

When you attend my education classes online, you have the power to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

The classrooms of most universities and colleges are somewhat comfortable. Times have changed and your idea of comfort may be different.

Do you learn better by sitting on your sofa at 3:00 a.m.? Do you learn better with the radio or TV blasted as loud as possible? Do you learn better 20 minutes at a time with 20 minute breaks in between?

Are you more comfortable using your smart phone, your smart TV, your tablet, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,  or YouTube…and NOT comfortable sitting in a classroom full of hundreds of students?

Are you more comfortable learning at the beach with the sounds of crashing waves in the background? Are you more comfortable learning in front of a hot fireplace with your slippers on and a cup of hot chocolate?

Be honest…do these learning locations sound more comfortable?

You could be the type of person who learns better when they are really, really comfortable.

  • Your desire to be comfortable is another great reason to pick as your choice for online education.

6. You Wish to Enjoy Good Health

When you have a higher paying a job, usually your health insurance is very good. You may be very healthy right now. As time goes on and you get older, you could run into health issues.

When you are healthy, life is great and everything is beautiful. Sickness and illness both have ways of making life more difficult. Is it possible to get, keep, and enjoy good health?

Yes, it is possible. You will need great health insurance. You will need to have enough money to eat good food and exercise every day. A higher paying job will allow you to get all of these things.

My education courses online can help you gain advanced skills at no charge.

  • Your desire to enjoy great health is another reason to go to my cyber institute.


You have reached the end of your Online School Review 3 – Part 3 course.

Your cyber learning continues here at EducateZap 24/7 with online classes free.

Please continue improving your life by studying Part 4 of my interesting "reasons why" survey.

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