Pitch A Movie Idea
Part 1

Welcome to your free online course, Pitch A Movie Idea.

In this online film school class, you learn how to test your film ideas.

This is the best academy available to get educated about exactly what to do with three or four story ideas when you only need one.

Do You Have Many Different Movie Ideas?

What if you have 3 or 4 film ideas for a motion picture swirling around inside your head and you are not sure which one to use at my film school online?

First of all, consider yourself very, very, very lucky if you have so many ideas to choose from that it is a problem to decide which one movie idea you should select.

Congratulations to you!! Move forward quickly and keep learning more and more (smile)…

Some of us suffer from writer’s block from time-to-time and it is always nice to have a large supply of ideas and stories to whenever you wish.

With so many of your own film ideas to choose from, how should you decide on just one movie idea? You could pitch your idea to other people. What is a pitch?

At my film school online, I am going to define a "Pitch" simply as, “…using one sentence to describe your film to another person…”

  • In the real-world when you are dealing with film industry professionals, a pitch is a bigger and more involved process.
  • Remember… This is only a beginner’s level introduction to Pitching.

How to Pitch Your Movie Ideas at EducateZap?

There are 2 simple steps for pitching your movie ideas.

  • Step 1: For each of your movie ideas, write one sentence that describes each of your movie concepts.
  • Step 2: Post each of your “one sentence descriptions”, also called (log-lines), in a place where you can get great feedback about each of you movie ideas.
  • (this free online course continues on the next page)


You have reached the end of your free class online, Pitch A Movie Idea I – Part 1.

What is next for you?

In Part 2, you will learn more about creating your log-lines and what you should do with your log-lines.

You are making amazing progress with your e-learning…keep up your studies in Part 2.

Part 1 - Part 2

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Do You Have a Question about This Course?

Welcome to your Online Classroom for this online class:

Pitch A Movie Idea (Part 1)

The best way to learn everything on this page is to ask me questions until you understand everything.

Please ask me something (smile)! I am here to help you succeed. I want you to win.

What question do you have?

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