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Review of EducateZap
Part 2

Welcome back! This is Part 2 of what makes my style of online education so easy to do. If you have not read Part 1, please click and start from the beginning. This page is part of my response to a visitor who really likes this site.

What Makes Cyber Education Easy?
( continued from Part 1 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): When you attend a traditional school, you wake up, you get dressed, and you go to school. Your school could be close to where you live or you may have to get to your school by a bus, a car, a bike, or a skateboard.

  • This takes time away from you that you could really use to study.

When you are learning something new, you need time to learn and time to practice. No one can afford to waste time when one is learning something new. Time is very, very valuable when you are in school.

  • You should not waste time.

When you attend my online institute, you wake up, and then you get dressed. If you do not feel like getting dressed, you can wear your pajamas, sleep-wear, or night clothes.

After you finish each of these activities, you simply turn-on your desktop computer (laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, or smart TV). You click to get to the Internet and then visit EducateZap.com. Instantly you are at school.

After arriving on EducateZap, simply click on one of my part-time courses and instantly you are in class. You have not wasted any time getting dressed or getting to school or walking to a classroom.

  • Online education is easy!

When you attend a traditional school, you should take notes during all of your classes. You should take notes in each class by writing your notes inside of a notebook (using a pen/pencil and pieces of paper).

You could also type your notes into a laptop computer or tablet. All of your class notes are valuable and you should protect them with your life.

  • You should not lose any of your notes and notebooks.

When you attend my cyber classrooms, your notes should be typed into each online classroom using Facebook or Twitter. As more and more students attend each online classroom at EducateZap, you will begin to see class notes from other students posted online.

At this point, you may not have to add your own class notes because students before you have already added class notes. This saves you time.

  • All old class notes from each of the students in all of my online classrooms will always display online.

You can return to any and all online classrooms whenever you wish. This saves you time. No more taking class notes. No more saving class notes in old notebooks. No more looking for old class notes. Online education is simple!

Thanks again for adding your review to EducateZap.com! Your time and input are both greatly appreciated! See you on campus (my online campus)...

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