Silent Movie Ideas
Part 2
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Welcome back to your Silent Movie Ideas part-time course.

This is Part 2 of how to make your film script from your own stories and ideas.

Yes, it is very easy to use my free online academy as your film school guide.

You can learn from the beginning with step-by-step online classes.

Your Review?

If you have not reviewed your beginner's level movie writing course from Part 1, please click and get your cyber introduction to the basics of creating silent motion pictures from your own cinema show ideas.

  • If you fully understand your silent movie basics discussed in part one, please continue with Part 2 of one of the best online classes below...

You are on your not stop learning...keep going...

When I wrote Royal Love Story From The Grave, I wrote it FIRST as a silent film. That was my choice. I did that on purpose. I did that for a reason. I wanted my film to be seen and experienced by people around the world.

If someone from some place outside of the United States of America does not speak or read English, they should be able to understand my film because of the way I wrote my film and the way the actors/actresses communicate on-screen without words.

  • This is one of the advantages of a silent film.
  • A silent film is universal.
  • It delivers your story in moving pictures and actions by skilled actors.

A silent movie communicates without words. If you write and film your silent movie ideas correctly, almost everyone in the world should understand your film.

If you want to show your film to many different people and you do not want there to be any problems understanding your film, you should make your film a silent film.

  • Your silent movie ideas are very valuable if you learn how to write them in screenplay format.
  • You can learn this advanced skill at my online film institute.

Disadvantages of Writing Silent Films

As you watch Royal Love Story From The Grave with sound, you will notice that some of the characters actually have speaking parts.

My film began as a silent film, but I decided from the very beginning that all of my characters would have speaking parts. I went back and added in the speaking parts where ever the silent parts seemed hard to understand.

  • It was my choice to add speaking parts to my silent film.
  • It was my choice as a film artist (film director and screenwriter).
  • You do not have to do them same. (this course continues on the next page)

Your advanced online education continues...

You have reached the end of Silent Movie Ideas 2 - Part 2.

Thanks for moving forward with this movie seminar at my free, film school online.

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