Student Assessments, Exams, and Online Education

by Roger

Feedback about your online school:

Educatezap does look like a very good initiative. Most people, as you have already mentioned, are finding it real tough to pay their education loans back.

So, your idea (school) seems excellent and I guess this could really work out.

Every idea is initially small. Every firm must have been small-scale in the beginning. Your revolutionary idea (small online school) is definitely bound to draw the attention of people. Everyone would love your idea.

Studying from your home, studying whenever you can, and all of this at affordable fees, makes the whole concept sound amazing. But, do see to it that you engage some of the best minds for teaching.

And also, your idea to combine online education with social media is an excellent one. Your idea can set the tone for future changes traditional schools.

Nathan's example, you have quoted, could definitely serve as eye-opener and create awareness among people about online education. This would certainly make students independent and mature and at the same time lift the burdens and pressures off them.

Most people would love this idea. Education, now-a-days is commercialized and too expensive. I know this online school can certainly provide quality education.

Questions: After going through all your policies, I just need to ask you one question. How would you assess students? How would you conduct exams? I am sure you must have sought this out, but it is not mentioned anywhere.

Your program will benefit lots and lots of students. Way to go!!!

Kevin’s Answer:

Roger, thank you very much for your feedback and questions.

Yes, my online school is small and it will grow over time. I am the founder of this online academy and I am its first education online teacher.

As time goes on and the school grows, I will search for the best minds in teaching and expand my academy’s course offerings.

Yes, I get lots of feedback about Nathan’s story and social media.

Student Assessments and Exams? I focus on teaching students the beginning (entry-level) tasks in film making, art, and real estate.

In my film-school program, the student will complete a small film project in place of exams.

A student’s completed film project is how the student is assessed. The film student can show their finished film project to hiring managers during any interview process.

Yes, the film student could also use the knowledge gained from completing their film project at other film schools.

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