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Take Notice and Make Known

As you go through each day,

watch those who pass your way.

See something…not clear?

Say something…no fear.

Send word to the ones,

the strong citizens…

those with the fire and nerve…

in charge to protect and serve.

Life and peace for all…pure harmony.

Do your part…create our destiny.

- Kevin Douglas Wright

Copyright © 2015 by Kevin Douglas Wright. All Rights Reserved.

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very good poem 
great poem, can i use it for my punk band, we have song but no lyrics yet, this looks so simple and got it's point! I really like it.

Lovely poem Not rated yet
That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. :)

Pure and honest . Not rated yet
Great advice wrapped in hope , very nice Kevin .

Exquisite poem Not rated yet
This is an excellent poem what i like to read again and again what is paying me and keeps me for longer to read.

Touch my heart Not rated yet
I am not a good reader but those poems really touch my heart. The first sentence "As you go through each day, watch those who pass your way" is really …

Love it Not rated yet
I always enjoy reading beautiful poems and this is no exception i really enjoyed it

Suport Not rated yet
I support this at all. People in Bosnia thninks same as you.

beautiful Not rated yet
very nice song very moving words i hope people take time to listen to the other opinion instead of shut their minds.

great poem Not rated yet
I really like this poem, I really enjoyed reading so beautiful, Thank you!

Nice Poem Not rated yet
Very nice poem about people with pure hearts. Breathe for a while and enjoy the beautiful words written by the author of the poem.

I like this Not rated yet
Very nice poem about connecting people and how we need have good life together !!!!

I really like this poem.  Not rated yet
I really think that you write with your heart, this song is very touchy, so beautiful, respect man!

Powerful Not rated yet
Poems like this bring so much emotions and bring up feelings of humanity and perseverance and protecting the most valuable in our lives... really lovely …

We need peace Not rated yet
Most of us have lost someone during recent years, and we need to find a way to stop that happening to anybody else. It is so powerless feeling.

How to make known Not rated yet
If we can take a notice every single little thing in our life, we will be almost perfect!

Beautiful Not rated yet
Very interesting poem. I really enjoyed reading. Also thanks to this poem I was able to learn something. Thank you!

I really like this poem. Not rated yet
Very beautiful poem. I really like this poem. Thank you!

Great poem. Not rated yet
This is such a peaceful and meaningful poem. I love how it honors the victims of the France terrorist attack and teaches us to not have fear.

The world today Not rated yet
A poem with many spiritual connotations, but today than meet them, it's good to remember them to live in a better world.

this song is really interesting .has a very good lesson. I like much Not rated yet
this song is really interesting .has a very good lesson. I like much

Nice Not rated yet
Beautiful poem, so touching... I really like it, especially because this poem has a strong message.

True talent! Not rated yet
I really think that you write with your heart and not your hand. The poem is amazing and I would like to read more.

Very interesting and beautiful! Not rated yet
Very touching and unusual poem with strong message! Keep it up I really like it!

Touching Not rated yet
The last line of the poem says all, we all need to be brave and protect peace from everyone who disturbs it and destroys it

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Good Advice! Not rated yet
This poem gives a good advice - to be watchful about your environment and act accordingly for the benefit of everyone.

My condolences go out to those in pain Not rated yet
I feel a grief towards those who had to suffer from the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. May they rest in peace and I hope those who lost their family …

Useful Education Site Not rated yet
Very valuable and useful Free Education Site for all ages.

Nice Poem - Has got very important feeling Not rated yet
Very nice poem. I liked this poem. Has got very important feeling for me and all world humans.

soo beautiful Not rated yet
great poem.i like is giving good advice for us.thank you Kevin!

Beautiful Not rated yet
I really like this poem. See something…not clear? Say something…no fear. This piece touching me so deep. I hope Kevin will be most famous.

Wow Not rated yet
nice poem i really like this one, i used to listen poem, but now days no time for listen poem, but this poem made my day, we have good advice in it, please …

Peace in the world Not rated yet
Of the many problems we face today, some are natural calamities and must be accepted and faced with equanimity. We must remember that the different religions, …

Great Poem! Not rated yet
A poem giving good advice on how to act when we see something problematic.

Good Poem Not rated yet
This poem something reminds me that every each of us has responsibility.

Inspirational! Not rated yet
So true poem about humanity. Honest people truly create each other's destinies.

a lovely poem Not rated yet
What a lovely poem! I like it very much! Thank you!

Love Not rated yet
Hate can't kill hate only love can. Let's live and let other to live.

Great Poem Not rated yet
A selection of great poems from centuries of brillant authors and poets. Whether you are new to the world of poetry and wish to savor it, or a well-versed …

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