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Your Review?

  • If you have not taken and completed my distance course Film Development 101-D, please click here to return, review, and complete Film Development 101-D at my 2 Day Film School.

In Film Development 101-D, I covered how to write your movie script with scene actions and scene transitions. As examples, I used Scene 22 through Scene 33 of my film, Royal Love Story From The Grave.

In this free online class Film Development 101-E, you will continue to write your film script while using Scene 34 through Scene 41 as your examples for more ideas and more ways to write your scene actions without dialogue.

Replay and Review Scenes 34 - 41

  • Click the images below, watch the movie clip, and take a look at how more scene actions are written without any characters speaking.

Sample Shooting Script
( Page 6 )

Sample Shooting Script Page 6

( click image to make big )

Your classwork at The Best Film School

  • Scene 34 could have been written a few different ways and it would still be technically correct.
  • Here is one other way…
  • “Valentina stares at the wall with her mouth wide-open.”

Movie Clip
Start watching at 0:50 seconds and
Stop at 0:57 seconds

"Do you know Chromecast? View this clip and other YouTube videos
using your HDTV."

  • In Scene 35, I wrote the scene action as a “framed magazine cover” because that is what I was able to put together for my production.
  • If I did not own a picture frame, I could have easily used a photo album of pictures.
  • My new scene action would have been something like this, “Valentina turns the pages of a photo album.”

Sample Screenplay Page 6

Sample Screenplay Page 6

( click image to make big )

  • In Scenes 36 – 38, I used multiple Title Cards for a dramatic effect.
  • That was my artistic choice.
  • Yes, I could have used one title card with “Princess Valentina is Dead”

Sample Screenplay Page 6
( Hand-Written )

Sample Screenplay Page 6 Hand-Written

( click image to make big )

  • In Scene 39, did you notice the setting of the scene was exactly the same as Scene 34?
  • What was different? Valentina’s scene actions were different.
  • Your camera should capture the changes of scene actions.
  • You can write as much or as little scene action detail as you feel is important.

Continue writing your motion picture screenplay...

Your Homework: Write Your Page 6

You have reached the end of The Best Film School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

  • If you have a question about this free part-time course, please ask in the online classroom near the bottom of this page.

If you have completed this low cost course, please move along to your next distance course Film Development 101-F located inside Online Film School I: Part 1-B.

  • If you have not taken and completed Film Development 101-D, please check out my 2 Day Film School.
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