The man with the black hoodie

by Allen

I found this interesting so I wanna tell you my own story. You know, at least the whole people in this world is afraid of darkness, it's a public fear because everyone is afraid of everything invisible.

I don't remember when it has begun but I used to imagine a man wearing a black hoodie standing over my bedroom's window when I was a kid. His face was all covered in dark but I somehow felt like he's gazing at me.

You know it was so scary. My greatest fear at that age was that imagination which I had created myself. It was the fear I had in my childhood but it was with me everywhere dark, every time alone. I was always afraid if sometime I welter on my bed and see him standing upon me but he was always standing on the other side of window.

I had that fear till I became 11. I was wondering why is he always standing over windows watching me, so one night I decided to break through my fear. Every Friday nights my parents went to family parties (I hate family parties!) and I got to be alone at home.

For reducing a little of the terrifying space I turn all the lights on, but I didn't that night. I walked outside the house to the garden, watching all around to see if I could find him. I was so scared.

You can't imagine how much frightening our house could be in the night and the backyard of course. My heart was going to explode but I pushed myself to keep searching around. I walked into every dark corners of our yard and garden which I was afraid to walk in before but I found no man in the black hoodie.

Huh, I was kinda disappointed after that but finally I broke my fear of darkness. I found no man in the black hoodie that night because there was no such person and I saw him no more after that night.

I'm still afraid of darkness, who doesn't, but I'm afraid no more to walk into it. I learned many things that from night and you know... there is nothing scarier than your mind!!

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