Web Based Proposal Software Review of Bidsketch

Web Based Proposal Software Review - My quick report explaining why I used Bidsketch to get agreements signed and returned fast and easy.

During the month of June, I had to send an agreement to one of my clients. Whenever I’m faced with this situation, it’s never a major problem…except this time it was a little bit different.

I really needed this agreement signed and returned super, super fast…in other words, I needed everything back to me “yesterday!”.

Not Up-To-Date

It was such a big deal. This client had never done business with me before…and they were not up-to-date with using technology.

Eventually…they returned almost everything to me, but it was not signed and returned professionally. 

A Photo of Contract Pages?

The agreement was 8 pages. The client emailed me a .JPG (photo) of only 2 pages (the 2 pages that actually contained signatures and initials).

  • Was this the best way to handle this type of situation?
  • Was the client’s email (with partial pages) legal?
  • Was there a better way to do this? 

A Better Way To Do This?

The next day…I received another business request that required another agreement. Instead of going through the same drama…I decided to search for a solution.

Once again…I needed to get this done as soon as possible, because this client needed fast results.

I quickly researched a few different options and decided to use Bidsketch.

Web Based Proposal Software and My Choice

There are 3 reasons why I chose Bidsketch...

  • 1. Electronic Signatures

Obviously (for legal reasons), I really need all my agreements returned to me all in one piece (one document). It’s 'the way' to always do business in a professional and clear manner.

  • 2. Ability for Client to Accept and Return Agreement Online

I can’t afford to wait or track down all pages of a document when a client is not experienced at using technologies (like scanning, pdfs, faxing).

  • 3. Ability for Client to Download and Print .PDF Version of Agreement

If I do get an “old school” client, they can most likely figure out how to print-out our agreement. 

After printing out a hard copy and signing it, my “old school” client can use snail mail to return everything to me.

Summary - Did You Discover Something New?

What can you take away with you after reading my short review of this online proposal software?

  • Business is moving faster and faster. As you move along with it, you should not have a hand in blocking progress.
  • There is an easy and affordable solution to creating proposals, contracts, and agreements.
  • There is a faster method for signing and returning documents.

Please feel free to click the link below if you are interested in learning a little bit more about the web based proposal software I depend on for business.


› Web Based Proposal Software Review

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